Knowledge Acquired = Knowledge Ignored


Teaching knowledge that one acquired so naturally can be difficult. Learning something from someone that knows it too well can be more of a challenge, but the most difficult challenge of all is to teach someone something they constantly ignore in their everyday life. Environment is a topic you continue to learn about through your whole life but even with the facts the students are not comprehending it in a way they should be. Their is an unwillingness to go further with their knowledge they acquired about the environment. Teaching Environmental Education is very challenging especially in a world where the writers of the curriculum cannot understand how to teach it right themselves?

In today’s world students may be getting a lot of information, and prepared more than ever before with knowledge, however, the knowledge is not being displayed in a way of being wise. I see the Earth as a mom to a teenager. When we were in our teens are moms would warn us of the dangers of how doing certain activities could impact our lives. The earth gives these warnings and information like a mom, but instead of trying to understand it, we push it away and ignore the impact it is causing. When we ignore the warning we get in trouble and just like our moms the Earth will punish us, but the damage will be more significant.
We can see the earth and we have the knowledge of the signs of changing. The earth is sad and our environment is being impacted. Directly and it is 1st degree.
Experience is how we learn and even though we hold the information we lack the procession of it. In today’s world we process the information faster and continue to regulate the knowledge in which we acquired. In Braiding Sweet grass Kimmerer writes about her epiphany in which you have to see nature and the environment and enjoy the experience in order to understand it. Something students are not doing as much as anymore because their faces are only glancing at the world and only looking at the screens of technology. If we experienced the environment more maybe there would be more care for it because we would understand the loss it would be if it was not there.


4 thoughts on “Knowledge Acquired = Knowledge Ignored

  1. mckaila09 says:

    I liked your comparison of a mother and teen to the earth and our population. This was a completely new perspective for me, but so relevant to how our society is ignoring the signs of harm to our earth. I agree with you that students are more interested in technology than the outdoors and I like how you related it to Kimmerer’s article. My question would be how could we as educators get them more excited about going outside?

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    • sophialee14 says:

      At my school we sometimes studied or did our art outside. For some of the students this was the only time the students got out in the day. I believe it is very important to have that time outside because the more time you spend with something the more you begin to love it. It is hard to harm the ones you love.


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