Eco literacy Love Poem

I feel like I have been constantly, pushing you away

I see you around me, at nighttime and day

I try to remember, the feeling of play

With the crunch of the leaves, on the pavement so grey.

I do not remember, the picking of berries

Or building our houses, to take down and carry

The world being fresh outside, so forgiving and airy

The world seems so dark now, just ashy, just scary

Society has influenced me, to stop going near you

I sit on my phone, and TV as I grew

I had learnt about you, and how to love you

But all of knowledge, it just left me, it flew

You are constantly stalking, and surrounding me

I ignore you but you get mad, and you just don’t leave

You might think it is funny, but you will just see

I could do worse than, just let you be.

I continued to ignore, the changes of climate

I lifted a cigarette, from the back of my pocket

I smoked it and breathed it out, just like a rocket

I littered I killed bugs, I just couldn’t stop it

I forgot that you were, a great friend of mine

Someone who is good for me, like the sunshine

You are my keeper my safety, my vine

That IL continue to grow with strongly in line

I hope you will accept my long apology

And continue to guide and always remind me

That the world should be cherished

… and just to left be.




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