Who Holds Who Up

1488148473470112212846.jpgHave you ever believed, that you are bigger than the earth? Have you felt like the Earth should  be grateful for everything you do too help it? Have you ever wanted change because the earth is just to inconvenient in the way it has been set up? If you have answered no to the above questions, than my point is already valid and we are not seeing our societies actions.

When being targeted you may begin to feel guilty and see yourself in a light you never wanted to be shined in.  You said no to the above even though its very human to have the belief that the world needs us.  Is it true that you have never been selfish towards the earth and taken more of something then needed. It is easy too look past being selfish in our society because we are looking through an economy lens. This Economy lens is what tells us how much we can buy depending on the money in out wallet. The earth is supplying our life and while we are taking away from the earth we are never giving back. So while we supply our lives to live we are ending the Earths life.

Speak to the Earth like a sister and say thank you for how the earth always cares for you. People tend to forget that the Earth holds us up and instead think that we hold the Earth. You have never bought into new technologies or live on manmade landscapes. You always look and see but you always leave and never take away.

We are all human! We forget sometimes that we do not hold up the earth the Earth chooses to hold us up. Carson believed that people would protect only what they loved, so she worked to establish a “sense of wonder” about nature. In our hearts we have the ability to nurture our environment, learn about it, and live with it. Our bodies are embodied by the Earth lets try to keep it that way so the earth doesn’t become embodied by us.


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