Every family has different traditions that they participate in, whether it be making a certain meal on a holiday, going to a festival every year or passing a family heirloom down. My family’s tradition is to plant evergreen trees each time a new member joins the family. As we grow so does the trees. We care for them and they surround our townhouse in Cudworth Saskatchewan.
A tree is a symbol of life that my family has tried to incorporate into our lives. My tree once a seedling is now as big as the house while my mom’s towers higher than it. We take pictures in front of the trees seeing the changes of not only us and how we grown but also the chage in eaxh of our trees.
This year my grandpa was challenged with lasopharnyx cancer. I was trying to think of a tattoo that could represent my grandpa’s turbulence with this horrible time. A tree came to mind. My grandpa never did plant himself his own tree in the ground however the tree itself is a symbol I relate back to him. The tree breaths in c02 and releases oxygen (taking away the bad and leaving the good) simular to this idea is cancer treatments taking away bad cancer cells and leaving the good ones to help him survive. The trees were also planted by him he wanted to have a symbol that represented our family placing trees around him all being a symbol of one of us which he can still nurture and watch grow even when we are not around.
A tree is something beautiful and something important in my life not only because it reminds me of my family but it contributes to my life. Trees are part of the enviroment that can be taken away just like my grandpa but if we fight hard for the trees to stay maybe they will better our world in their own original way, just like my gramps!

One thought on “Evergreen

  1. jennarmagnusson says:

    Hello! I love that your family’s tradition is to plant evergreen trees and the meaning they hold to you! I definitely agree that we need to fight for the trees and the rest of the environment as well. I would love to see a picture of the trees you have grown as well! Great post šŸ™‚


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