In the Middle of Things (words to my story)


I know that it is possible to lose weight. You need to eat healthy, drink fluids and exercise. Even though I have the knowledge and I can share it with others, I am not embodying the knowledge into my daily life. This class has taught me the importance of embodiment with not only the environment, but in my daily life. It is important to display knowledge and your inner ideologies throughout your life not just verbally, but instead physically. Actions speak louder than words and by either eating healthy to lose weight or using a recyclable cup to keep that one cup out of our landfills, we can embody the knowledge we learnt. In my past assignments I had realized that the Environment is something we have been taking advantage of. In a sense  our world is dying from the way we have been treating it and there is a great need for change; however, excuses and the idea of one person changing the world is stopping us from embodying the knowledge of climate change. These excuses have been based around cost, living arrangements and time and instead of looking for a solution to work with these problems we hold onto these excuses letting them influence the way we impact the earth. These excuses are also the reasons to why we are not spending time with the environment being in a city or behind our technologies have made our society forget about the gift of the outside world. Being away from nature in a manmade environment has made us lose our respect for the outside world. With this loss of respect we no longer want to spend time with it making it easy to stop caring for it and push it away. It has also been believed that we are taking steps back in the past by living a more natural way of life. People who choose this natural lifestyle are limited in our world today because they cannot live this lifestyle in a way they see convenient so they give up on the idea.

Being aware is a topic that has been frequently mentioned and because of this class I am more aware on my environmental footprint. So far my footprint has not been very great, I have started being aware of my actions which is a good first step when trying to embody Eco literacy. I have also been sharing my knowledge about the vermi-composters and facts on climate change at home with friends and family. Yesterday I had seen garbage on campus and I thought to myself how those little things can really pile up but instead of picking it up I left it. It was great on how I was now made aware of that problem but I still lacked on embodying the knowledge since I did not go pick it up. I feel that now I am aware I need to take that next step and instead of thinking about how it’s wrong I should instead think about it and go pick it up. Sometimes it is hard to embody something you are not passionate about, however, everyone should be passionate and caring of the land in which we grow on. Even if it’s just one person picking up one piece of garbage it might trickle into a domino effect. When I worked at Tim Horton’s sometimes we would have people buy a coffee for the person behind them in drive thru, this would start a domino effect and in a long line some people would continue to keep the train going and paid for the order behind them and repeat. It is possible that maybe if someone saw me doing the action of picking up that wrapper on the ground they would of thought “wow, I should do that” and maybe they would next time. Seeing someone do something do something good might remind them next time they want to throw something on the ground they will take it to the garbage? Even though it is a small action it could have a train of bigger actions come from it. Like the hummingbird carries water to the burning forest I will try to be the hummingbird now that I am aware of the excuses I have been using, that have been stopping me from creating a better ecological footprint.

Our society is praising excuses, incorporating whiteness, and not using the knowledge they acquired to help take back our negative actions towards the world. In a quote that I wrote in my 2nd blog I mentioned an idea of how people should look at the earth as a family member. “Speak to the Earth like a sister and say thank you for how the earth always cares for you” This is an Important idea to keep in mind and I used it previously in my 1st blog post “The earth gives these warnings and information like a mom, but instead of trying to understand it, we push it away and ignore the impact it is causing” instead this time the family member I related the earth to was a mom. Being passionate and finding greatness in the world yourself is another important idea I have kept in mind through this journey. The idea was first brought up in my 1st blog In Braiding Sweet grass Kimmerer writes about her epiphany in which you have to see nature and the environment and enjoy the experience in order to understand it.   ” and was later embellished when I related it back to me as a teacher in my 3rd blog post  “It is important to disrupt these uniformed ways of understanding and give the students a chance to come up with their own ideologies.


Wall Kimmerer, Robin. (2013). The Sound of Silverbells, in Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge & the Teachings of Plants, pp. 216-222. Minnesota, MN: Milkweed Editions. (Handout & GC)



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