Take Action

It is very devastating to see how people treat our enviroment. Yes I used to be the one taking part in the problem but I have come to a realization that I needed to change. On Friday night when I was walking I saw so many different bushes with piles of garbage In them. I took a picture and kept walking. As I began to walk I realized how I noticed the problem and did not want to contribute to that anymore but I did not take action and go pick it up. This has been happening to me alot latley. “The process of taking up new discourses, however, is complex,  and has significant implications in education.” Like the article says sometimes you will contradict things you used to say and find new morals and discourses you want to break down.

Going on my walk today I brought some garbage bags along and cleaned up this mess. Hopefully the people that walked by and thanked us will realize how important it to is to take action in what you care about. And if you don’t care about the Earth you obviously don’t care about you life!

This will hopefully turn into a domino effect and if one of those five people who thanked us goes andcleans up too they might have 5 people notice. Even if they don’t clean up maybe they will spread the word or think twice when throwing garbage out.

The picture was a before picture from Friday when I noticed. And the after picture is from Sunday after I cleaned up the mess.

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