Impacts on Identity

3 things I found interesting

1. I think it is interesting there is research out in to find the different types of parenting styles. It’s interesting how in my mind when reading the different styles I can remember a parent from my community that is a pure example of that style.

2. Moratorium means identity crisis; suspension of choices because of struggle. I think how it’s interesting that now I have a name to call this struggle it makes it seem valuable to being aware of in my students so I can help guide them into choice that will be more successful in there future.

3. I think it’s crazy that girls already in grade 2 and 3 have experienced a time where they used rational aggression. They might just do it verbally by lashing out but this is something important to keep in mind so we can guide them to exspress there emotions in a different way.

2 things I have connected with

1. We learnt that girls tend to mature faster than boys and I connected this with the importance of recess because Maturation might be a leading factor in a child’s recessed play. The reason why I think it is detrimental it’s because when someone says they may lose their sense of imagination and instead of wanting to run around the lower playground imagining the ground is lava we usually see girl students trying to stay inside or not moving around and just socializing with friends.

2. My moms parenting was quite wishy-washy. Her parenting style was quite authoritarian. The reason I found this style wishy-washy is she never explained reasoning behind her rules. An example could be When one day u get in trouble for something and the next day u do it but u still get in trouble for not doing it right and the next day u do it right but there’s never a reward or reason that you know of to do the task.


1 thing I’m still wondering about

1. We learnt the many parenting styles but which one would be best for a child with a behaviour problem based on psychological research.



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Education is important to all students because learning how to do anything in a successful manner will be beneficial to anything you do in life. For instance, being able to talk is something we learn at home and in school. If we do not learn how to express our thoughts into words we would never be able to share our knowledge or opinions. Earths planet is populated with millions of people who all have a different idea on what life should be like and it is important that we collaborate all of our thoughts because when collaboration happens knowledge is formed.

I would say knowledge is a pretty powerful weapon. If I were in an argument i would have the knowledge of how to express myself respectively from my social work class. If I was stranded by myself on an island I would have basic chemistry and science and math tools to hopefully help me to safety. I think education has prepared many of us for many jobs but also to be structure minded individuals so we are able to think critically and not assume all that we hear. Maybe education is not only a weapon but it is also an Armour so we are prepared to face anything. With education being a weapon it could be detrimental to those who are not in schools,  yet, I know that learning can be done a lot through inquiry and the wondering process.

It is important for all students to have a desire to learn, understand how education can save there life and know how to share there knowledge to others. Students are the future teachers even if they decide not to be a teacher in a school they will teach there children and there peers there belief and as the school teachers we need to help them learn the basic tools so they can understand any new idea that’s thrown at them

School, Curriculum and Control (Response 2)

In elementary school my teacher had us partake in the type to learn process. Type to learn had helped me type at the beginning when completing the course. Today, is a different story.  I could not tell you the proper way to place my hands on the computer keyboard.  This could be due to the lack of time spent on the computers after the process. Without being able to practice I was unable to achieve success in a skill I had completed a course on.

In my school we also used a resource called Career Cruising. Career Cruising is an online portal where students go through a process of answering a survey to see what jobs they would be good at. The survey was able to use your identities interests and skills and place them behind a possible future occupation. I connected this Site to the Tyler’s rationale because it see’s the child as a savage needing to be moulded into an ideal adult. This system already in grade 7 picked out three jobs that I should become. This site gave us the ability to believe these were are only choice because these were the only thing we were good at.

Limitations on the Tyler rationale is quite simple to see because students are formed into something that seems great and ideal for society. With this belief being taught to the students it does not give the students a chance to mold outside from the box lifestyle that the curriculum holds them too.

The Tyler rationale mentions that we need functioning members of society with this idea we need to remember that we want to prepare them for tomorrow, not today or yesterday like we currently do. Yes, curriculum does sometimes change but not enough for our forever changing society. Keeping in mind we are not teaching our generation at that age we are teaching a new generation at that age.

Tyler’s rationale has potential benefits because when we teach everyone the same thing this results in like thinkers.  Like thinkers will usually get along because everyone enjoys being around people who are alike and value the same things. So yes this could be a potential success, but of course if we were all like thinkers collaboration will diminish because everyone will only believe in one structure.

As a society we need to remember the importance  to have diversity; that’s why it’s great that we can play with the curriculum and help to diminish the control in the school and curriculum.


ECS 200 RESPONSE 1 (educational psychology)

3 Things I have learnt:
1: There are limitations on theory’s and they don’t always work and that’s why they are called a theory. Before this class I had the belief that Piaget was the only theorist I should be following now seeing Vygotsky in a different light has made me question my values.
2: That listening to Mozart does not make you smarter. This must have been a belief I learnt through the school system it was interesting to debunk this belief and see how actually playing an instrument can hep to our success as a student. This new belief has made me see an importance in learning an instrument and how bands and orchestras can be beneficial.
3: I have learnt from the book and in lecture how my belief systems connect more with Vygotskys than Piagets. The reason I believe I havethis connection for this is when I grew up I took on many of the same values and beliefs on who I surrounded myself with. I grew up in a mixed family so understand how a lot self building in myself came from people I looked up to that were not blood related.

2 Things I have connected with:
1: Brain imaging proved that students who are great readers are better at learning terminology and new words in books because they can draw connections to other words they have learnt versus those who are not exceptional at reading. I struggled reading as a student so I definitely agree this is not only accurate but it can also be seen in writing when a student is not an exceptional reader they sometimes do not have the best understanding on how to get their ideas across in a efficient manner.
2: Having a connecting to resilient students I believe will be beneficial to me as a teacher many students need to overcome challenges to learn and be successful. I have learnt from my life it is good to surround yourself with people who have goals and a healthy relationship with school because it makes you value school differently and I found when I do this I have a higher success rate even if I am facing challenges in my home life.
1 Thing that I am still wondering:

1: With the many theorist we are learning about how do we place our values and beliefs into a theory and follow it without becoming wishy washy when there is no set way in how we should teach the future.

Week 1 – January 10th “Life, Socialization and Common Sense”

Life happens and everyone is on their own life path. In the reading I was left with a greater understanding of how socialization impacts our pathways of life and how that changes are ability to believe and understand. When an individual finds their group in society they will surround there self in “like” groups. the idea of Like Groups is when the  people in the group tend to agree and have similar life goals and expectations. When we do this we create normalize patterns and beliefs and together create a society and culture that followings hidden laws and systems. The systems creates actions which provide hidden messages which are there but not thought about and continue to be repeated until they are a system of common sense.

As a future teacher I need to be able to draw connections with my students and understand that they might have different traditions, morals and know that they may have their own definition of common sense because they walked a different path of life than me. I need to remember to be true to my own beliefs but also have a healthy balance of being open to not only my students but to all people in my life that may believe a different  rule set than what I grew up with. Being  open to different paths and understandings of life will help me be a more well rounded teacher and life individual.

Everywhere in the world has their own belief system because they are different life group of “like” people. Let’s say an individual moved here from an island where they believe that it is common sense to where your shoes on the wrong feet. This seems really strange to us here in Regina because we know that wearing your shoes on the wrong frets seems silly because they are shaped to fit either a left foot or a right foot, but before we judge there norms we need to learn why this is normal to them and not expect that our way is the right way.

Common sense is something we grow up learning a way of thinking we take for granted and don’t realize we are learning their rule system.

Thanks I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on common sense!