Week 1 – January 10th “Life, Socialization and Common Sense”

Life happens and everyone is on their own life path. In the reading I was left with a greater understanding of how socialization impacts our pathways of life and how that changes are ability to believe and understand. When an individual finds their group in society they will surround there self in “like” groups. the idea of Like Groups is when the  people in the group tend to agree and have similar life goals and expectations. When we do this we create normalize patterns and beliefs and together create a society and culture that followings hidden laws and systems. The systems creates actions which provide hidden messages which are there but not thought about and continue to be repeated until they are a system of common sense.

As a future teacher I need to be able to draw connections with my students and understand that they might have different traditions, morals and know that they may have their own definition of common sense because they walked a different path of life than me. I need to remember to be true to my own beliefs but also have a healthy balance of being open to not only my students but to all people in my life that may believe a different  rule set than what I grew up with. Being  open to different paths and understandings of life will help me be a more well rounded teacher and life individual.

Everywhere in the world has their own belief system because they are different life group of “like” people. Let’s say an individual moved here from an island where they believe that it is common sense to where your shoes on the wrong feet. This seems really strange to us here in Regina because we know that wearing your shoes on the wrong frets seems silly because they are shaped to fit either a left foot or a right foot, but before we judge there norms we need to learn why this is normal to them and not expect that our way is the right way.

Common sense is something we grow up learning a way of thinking we take for granted and don’t realize we are learning their rule system.

Thanks I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on common sense!


One thought on “Week 1 – January 10th “Life, Socialization and Common Sense”

  1. kennedyryanne says:

    Thank you for sharing you thoughts on “Commonsense”! I like your example you used about wearing shoes on the wrong foot. I have never thought about that before, but find it quite interesting how different cultures have different commonsense and norms compared to ours in Saskatchewan.


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