School, Curriculum and Control (Response 2)

In elementary school my teacher had us partake in the type to learn process. Type to learn had helped me type at the beginning when completing the course. Today, is a different story.  I could not tell you the proper way to place my hands on the computer keyboard.  This could be due to the lack of time spent on the computers after the process. Without being able to practice I was unable to achieve success in a skill I had completed a course on.

In my school we also used a resource called Career Cruising. Career Cruising is an online portal where students go through a process of answering a survey to see what jobs they would be good at. The survey was able to use your identities interests and skills and place them behind a possible future occupation. I connected this Site to the Tyler’s rationale because it see’s the child as a savage needing to be moulded into an ideal adult. This system already in grade 7 picked out three jobs that I should become. This site gave us the ability to believe these were are only choice because these were the only thing we were good at.

Limitations on the Tyler rationale is quite simple to see because students are formed into something that seems great and ideal for society. With this belief being taught to the students it does not give the students a chance to mold outside from the box lifestyle that the curriculum holds them too.

The Tyler rationale mentions that we need functioning members of society with this idea we need to remember that we want to prepare them for tomorrow, not today or yesterday like we currently do. Yes, curriculum does sometimes change but not enough for our forever changing society. Keeping in mind we are not teaching our generation at that age we are teaching a new generation at that age.

Tyler’s rationale has potential benefits because when we teach everyone the same thing this results in like thinkers.  Like thinkers will usually get along because everyone enjoys being around people who are alike and value the same things. So yes this could be a potential success, but of course if we were all like thinkers collaboration will diminish because everyone will only believe in one structure.

As a society we need to remember the importance  to have diversity; that’s why it’s great that we can play with the curriculum and help to diminish the control in the school and curriculum.



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