Ecs 200 chapter 11 promoting and motivating

3 things that are new to me

1. Many students experience ripple effects in the classroom that influences success. This was something particularly true for my class and home life being able to learn from my others mistakes.

2. Research shows teachers self efficacy grows from students. This is interesting and probobly has to do with the fact that teachers need to have a good set of values and goals in order to know how to promote them to the students.

3. I learnt that there is factors that influence individual learning. Models are likely to perform actions they believe are appropriate to receive rewarding outcomes. One of the reasons why I agree is because without my own role models who promoted high grade goals I wouldn’t have had a high enough average to attend university.

2 things I connected with

  1.  I usually do not connect at the first page in the chapter but when The page addressed how you need to be organized and how students come to class with some bags and filled with overdue assignments, sheets and papers from last semester, I thought I still do this in University.  With this in mind I know that this is a problem that I will need to look at as a teacher and make sure that I am better self regulating in order to be a positive role model.

2. Self talk and self instruction is important to the student.  I use self talk as a coping mechanism myself and it helps me to plan and make goals for myself. I feel like sometimes saying these goals out loud makes them feel more realistic.

1 question I still have

1.  What happens if I do not have my own self efficacy as a teacher as we know this will influence my students. Who will be my teacher to help promise me to a better self.



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