Who is Involved

Prior to Reading


When first being asked about how curriculum is formed  I pictured a room full of old men somewhere in Regina discussing the many problems every day trying to come up with new ways and methods to teach Saskatchewan students. I believed it was almost like an ongoing meeting something that they were always changing. When I talk to Katia about my belief  she told me that parts of The curriculum haven’t been changed here since the 90’s. This was astonishing to me knowing that there has been the same systems in place for over 20 years and I asked myself “how can that be the case when so much is changing in our Dailey lives”

My Influence


I voted in the last election and I follow politics I’d say quite well for a girl my age. I was lucky enough to have role models in my community introduce policies to me in an interesting way. Knowing how important politics effect how school system is important to be aware of since they influence teaching methods and our jobs themselves.

After the Reading


I think it is astonishing how we give the politicians such a huge say in what we teach since they may not value education in the way we need them too. I think students needs are being overlooked and they should be the biggest influence on our system because they are the student requiring the tools to better our future.

In the article it mentions how the role of politics is misunderstood by many teachers and I think that is teachers need to be aware of the public sphere since it influenced our students lives.

I am concerned that we are not taking our students opinions into consideration. I also beleieve this is a problem because the curriculum is made for us teachers to benefit our students.


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