Ed History in Saskatchewan

3 things I have learned:

  1. It is interesting that First Nations peoples believed that children were a loan from their creator instead of their own. This is very similar to how many Christians feel about being children of god it is interesting that their beliefs sound very similar to my own.
  2. Residential schools were around for more than 80 years since they started in 1923. I had known that they were stopped not that long ago but ran for 80 plus years, what a disgusting history!
  3. I never realized that they used to use older students at higher standard levels as teachers. This would be interesting to see how that would ever work today since we would probably suffer. How can a student prepare those for the next grade when they haven’t completed the whole process themselves wouldn’t this cause a negative domino effect. This is interesting that it even worked!

2 Things I connected with

  1. The Factory model is always something I was worried about when I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I always remembered how my schooling in Saskatchewan was and thought of the many barriers it set around me. It created many negative walls that I have had to take down. I want my students to be able to voice their own concerns and grow from what interests them. I do want my students to think outside the box and hope it is possible to be open when following the curriculum.
  2.  I wish this was not true but over 250 million people do not know how to read and write and as a teacher I believe their is many ways in which we can help! We can recycle our books when sending care packages to poorer communities. I also must keep in mind that reading and writing might not be resourceful in their cultures way of life and understanding. They may practice oral ways of learning.


1 question I still have

  1. We are still lacking in our educational system, and how can I as a teacher provide ways around it.


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