Made for a Different time

3 Things I have learned:

  1. Teachers may influence structures of inequality. As teachers we need to keep our own personal beliefs at the door. We must continue to represent many different outlooks so we can be more diverse in any topic or taboo discussion that may need to be addressed in the classroom. We need to remember that all of our words and actions are remembered by our students. We are supposed to be positive role models so we can be clear examples and show the students that you may walk different paths of life.
  2. Schools possess the power that makes or breaks an individual to find or lose success in their life. School is like a “ladder” a process in which you need to climb to the top with each grade being its own step. However the higher you climb the different the view becomes. A view that is created by the ones who created the ladder themselves “the government”. Once they get you to the step you need you are left their not knowing to keep climbing or start stepping down. As teachers we need to provide information to our students that will make them want to be at school and find ways in which they can be open to any new learning they may face so they are never stranded.
  3. Wealthy schools in the United States pull out higher academic students then those in less wealthy schools. NO COMMENT!


2 Things I connected with

  1. “Those with power are frequently least aware of—or least willing to acknowledge—its existence” a quote from Lisa Delpit’s article on Power and Pedagogy. Is this not true, at least for me it is. I still do not fully recognize my privileged of being a White Cisgendered individual in Canada and I hope one day I can be more aware of it so I can be a more understanding and diverse citizen who recognizes my own privileged so then I can hopefully see the loss of privileged in other individuals.
  2. I found it sad to know that poorer schools who probably have bright students are impacted so much by money. This is why parents should be able to choose any school for their child and if the government wants to write the curriculum then why can’t more money go towards bettering our future adults.


1 Question I still have

  1. Will students ever have a bigger say in their own education?
    Or will only old people who wont be around in 40 years continue to write the lives our children will have in 40 years when they are gone.

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