Pre Internship

Here are some of my Reflections


Today was my first day in Grade 7 at Ruth and Buck and it was a rollercoaster. I loved the classroom environment walking in, my coop had her room decorated with lots focusing on literature and math. She wanted to bring attention to her purpose of setting the students up for success in their English and math from the gecko! However, with the day that I had there, I didn’t see this focus in action.

The students were lovely and I had built many relationships with them in the first three minutes. The students were active however most seemed more confused throughout the day as did I. With a hump day video that served no purpose and instead got the kids talking about sex on Wednesdays than this followed with an activity with Care partners where they edited beards on their face for an hour and a half but most students did not get around to this since I was left in a class with them with lack of instructions and lack of instructions to the students.

I had prepared an introductory presentation with the students and later followed a game I call to stand up. The students had to stand up if they had something in common with me this allowed the students to have a chance to see some topics that I could talk to them about. After this activity was math, it was a five-minute lesson and the student’s understandings were monitored by a worksheet they were all interestingly confused with. I had followed along with her lesson and I caught on quickly but that is because math comes naturally for a lot of these guys. I was disappointed when she did not give them more instructions or different methods for the other learners in the room

In the afternoon I spent time observing and taking down bullion boards as the day went on self-confidence plummeted, I felt like a shadow alone at the back of the room and I did not feel like my coop was bringing me the help I needed this year especially since I was already questioning my passion. Overall, I am happy I sleeked out Julie to understand my concerns, even though my new classroom will help give me better tools for success, I still think about the grade seven age group, I connected with them so easily.



I was very pleased to meet an angel/warrior today. Her name is Miss. Da Costa and she is a phenomenal super teacher. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with everything ever imaginable in a classroom. I had spent the day trying to learn the student’s names and it was interesting how this class was much harder for me when I took the time to connect with students versus the grade 7’s at Ruth and Buck. I am disappointed that I did not do an introductory lesson getting to know more about them individually, my powerpoint was more interesting to a grade seven class. It would have been easier to remember their names if I would have let them take the time to introduce themselves. Next time I shall try this approach to meeting students for the first time.

The students were so very pleased to see me and I was even more excited to see them but wow I knew they were going to teach me a lot right off the bat. They are a quite bubbly bunch and many students in the class seem to get along together well but they do like to stick to their certain cliques in the room. I have noticed two students that seem to be outsiders, yet, they both take two extremely different approaches to make friends.

I was also pleased to see the diverse students in the classroom having many students from different countries, and learning backgrounds. The students are quite interruptive and need many different strategies to keep them on task. Most of her class learn best when completing something competitive in game style or being embedded in the inquiry.

I spent time peaking around the different resources that were provided in the room. Miss. Da Costa and I spent time talking about her Teacher philosophies and how strength-based learning is so important to her and this is very true. Miss Da Costa not only speaks action she is a model of Action.



Today was the day I had to complete two lessons in one day since the previous week I used my introductory lesson again. In this day I taught the students both Math patterns through a fun game and practice test worksheet with the class. It was not the way my lesson was supposed to be completed for math but with the concern of my coop, she realized my lesson was a little too challenging for the learners. So I being myself of course somehow magically managed to come up with the idea of a game that came so quickly to mind I am surprised she had dry erase boars for each student but of course, she does she is Miss. Da Costa. We got dry erase boards out and markers and made the worksheet into a fun interactive game where they had to guess it on their board and show me the answer like they were on big brother.

The students did not enjoy the Science video I had found online to teach them erosion it was definitely too old of a movie for them to spark their interest so I turned their learning back over to me where I explained it to them through a physical example with my body to remember each terms main attribute.

This lessons hook went spectacular the students really were highly engaged in the book about change. We did a quite transition by walking around the room and having the student then sit back at their desks after peaking out the window to see if they see any changes outside today.

Overall on this day and I have to recognize grade fours take a lot longer to absorb things and are still learning most words as well. This might take me a couple tries but I know I am going to make it!


I had the best day yet! I got to be a fairy and come to school all dressed up. My friends were so happy to see me I brought some good jokes alone too! The kids were delighted but had a very busy day. My coop just asked me to design an activity for Halloween stations. My activity was based off something I saw offline called what should Mrs. ————- be for Halloween and the students drew what they wanted their teacher to dress up as next year. I asked them to draw me something they haven’t seen on the shelves yet, and that’s just what they did! Hahaha. I am not sure where I am supposed to find those kinds of costumes.

I was impressed with my student’s creativity it also showed me how a simple art project can teach me a lot about the students’ thoughts, style, and character. This activity allowed me to have more time interacting with the students in a way that was more playful than the interactive lectures I have been planning thus far. I also enjoyed the sessional stations as it all the students to have a place where they can truly shine in an hour. I realized that my lesson plans do not need to be so instructional and I can be better prepared and more relaxed.




Here are some of the quotes that have been shared with me. 

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see”


Here are some goals I will keep in mind next term. 

Goals for next time:

  • Time management: When planning my lessons, I will be more aware of how much time I am planning for. This is something I will learn as I gain more experience. This semester I never over prepared or ensured I would be able to wrap up the lesson. Now, that I am aware of the classroom environment and how long things typically take my students I will be better at designing these lessons. I hope by starting off the semester in a more organized fashion it will help lead me to this success. This was when I am organized I will find more time for myself be able to make time to over prepare, and ensure I am fully rested for those guys!
  • Higher Expectations: Being a good model is important to my students and I am pretty easy going if my students are interested in learning. When I was in elementary and high school I was very curious and always wanted to learn so for my students that do not find my activities interesting or engaging I question my strategies. I need to raise the bar for these students and continue to engage them in the curiosities and challenges in the world, planting a seed for their success.
  • Preparation: I will be at the school earlier next semester before my coop arrives every day with her favourite coffee ready to go with any resources or materials I might need.

Differentiated Learning Strategies for diverse learning needs:

  1. Journaling
  2. Interviews
  3. Turn/Talk
  4. Flexible Groupings
  5. Hot Seat
  6. Use Technology
  7. Give Students Choices
  8. Inquiry-Based Learning Opportunities
  9. Class Change of Seating
  10. Change of Class Placement
  11. Provide Organization Checklists for Clipboard Students
  12. Station/Carasel work
  13. Genius Hour
  14. Coloured sticky tac under the chair to explain feelings
  15. Involve Parents
  16. Involve the Community
  17. Involve the world (pen-pals, organizations)
  18. Brings Guests in
  19. Be more flexible
  20. Used multiple ways to explain
  21. Has balls, standing desks and bean bags for different seating
  22. Interactive Lessons are implemented


Brain Break Ideas:

  1. Trading Places Have students stand behind their pushed-in chairs. Call out a trait, and everyone who has that trait must change places with someone else (students who do not have the trait stay where they are). Examples: “Everyone with curly hair.” “Everyone who ate cereal for breakfast.” “Everyone who is wearing stripes.”
  2. Six Spots Number six spots around your room from 1-6. Have students each go to a spot of their choice. Choose a student to roll a die (if you can make a big one out of foam, it adds to the fun). All the students at the number rolled must go back to their seats. Students that are left go to a new spot, and the die is rolled again. Continue until only a few students are left.
  3. Mingle, Mingle, Group! In this game students mill about the classroom saying, “mingle, mingle, mingle” in soft voices until the teacher says, “Groups of 5,” at which point the students must quickly group themselves into groups with the correct number of people. Students who are left over must do three jumping jacks before the next round starts. The teacher can call out any number for the group size. You can also add rules such as: as soon as a group is complete, all members must sit down in a line.
  4. Dance Party! Put on some rockin’ music and dance! If you can make the room semi-dark and have a black light or other special effect, your kids will love it!
  5. Drama Games- Memory- stand in circle and remember the object the person and persons said they were bringing on the trip.
  6. Silent ball- In this game have the students sit on their desks and throw a ball around the class concentrating on not dropping the ball if it is not caught the person who the ball was being thrown to has to sit down until the remainder of the round and do a silent reading at a desk.


  • Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess-Book
  • When I was Eight by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
  • Class Dojo
  • SeeSaw
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Flipgrid
  • Scanner for me
  • Google Classroom
  • Twitter(I hope to have one for myself next semester)
  • Fake News Navigator
  • Agriculture in the Classroom
  • Relationship Web
  • Clock Sign Up for an appointment
  • Keep a question box to keep in the classroom
  • Knowledge Keeper- Joseph
  • Debbie Silver
  • Humpty Dumpty after the fall- teaching courage -Book


  • We are the Children- teaching residential schools -Movie