Impacts on indentity

3 things I found interesting

1. I think it is interesting there is research out in to find the different types of parenting styles. It’s interesting how in my mind when reading the different styles I can remember a parent from my community that is a pure example of that style.

2. Moratorium means identity crisis; suspension of choices because of struggle. I think how it’s interesting that now I have a name to call this struggle it makes it seem valuable to being aware of in my students so I can help guide them into choice that will be more successful in there future.

3. I think it’s crazy that girls already in grade 2 and 3 have experienced a time where they used rational aggression. They might just do it verbally by lashing out but this is something important to keep in mind so we can guide them to exspress there emotions in a different way.

2 things I have connected with

1. We learnt that girls tend to mature faster than boys and I connected this with the importance of recess because Maturation might be a leading factor in a child’s recessed play. The reason why I think it is detrimental it’s because when someone says they may lose their sense of imagination and instead of wanting to run around the lower playground imagining the ground is lava we usually see girl students trying to stay inside or not moving around and just socializing with friends.

2. My moms parenting was quite wishy-washy. Her parenting style was quite authoritarian. The reason I found this style wishy-washy is she never explained reasoning behind her rules. An example could be When one day u get in trouble for something and the next day u do it but u still get in trouble for not doing it right and the next day u do it right but there’s never a reward or reason that you know of to do the task.


1 thing I’m still wondering about

1. We learnt the many parenting styles but which one would be best for a child with a behaviour problem based on psychological research.



Take Action

It is very devastating to see how people treat our enviroment. Yes I used to be the one taking part in the problem but I have come to a realization that I needed to change. On Friday night when I was walking I saw so many different bushes with piles of garbage In them. I took a picture and kept walking. As I began to walk I realized how I noticed the problem and did not want to contribute to that anymore but I did not take action and go pick it up. This has been happening to me alot latley. “The process of taking up new discourses, however, is complex,  and has significant implications in education.” Like the article says sometimes you will contradict things you used to say and find new morals and discourses you want to break down.

Going on my walk today I brought some garbage bags along and cleaned up this mess. Hopefully the people that walked by and thanked us will realize how important it to is to take action in what you care about. And if you don’t care about the Earth you obviously don’t care about you life!

This will hopefully turn into a domino effect and if one of those five people who thanked us goes andcleans up too they might have 5 people notice. Even if they don’t clean up maybe they will spread the word or think twice when throwing garbage out.

The picture was a before picture from Friday when I noticed. And the after picture is from Sunday after I cleaned up the mess.

Cool Teaching Ideas


Diversity: Teach students about different backgrounds, living styles and traditions. Get colored paper and get students to draw their hour family and something that displays a tradition in their house hold. When the students finish post them on the bulletin board and make them come together in a harmonious bulletin board neighbourhood.

Fractions: Use Legos to display real fractions right in front of their eyes.

Main food groups: Have students check a list to see if their lunch box has an item from each food group. Talk to them about why each food group is important and help them recognize which food groups they are missing.

Break Game: quiet ball is a game where the students sit on the desks and pass around a ball. Students who talk, drop the ball, throw it in a foul way are out last player left wins a prize, Gets the students to still respect class volume while giving them a break from using their brain!