Good Thoughtful Class Questions

ECS Questions

By Laquisha Hackl

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class

Schooling and education are not the same but are typically joined together. Do you believe that the university should be more accommodating to students coming from different schooling experiences? The last residential school shut down in the late 90’s. At this time were the students still being assimilated or was the school noticing the negativity and trying to make room for more positive accommodations? There are private and public schools, which one is usually the one that has a better student success rate, and why do you think this is?


4th Class

5th Class

6th Class

Mike Cappello talked to us about teaching and how it can be unprofessional if you do or act in certain ways. Do you think that this is unprofessional however if you are still getting what you are trying to communicate across by using these coping strategies. For me having a word like um can make a conversation flow and sometimes you need that word to keep a flow would you say it’s better to keep the flow and be natural? Anna Leah explained to us her family history. With her living in many places has Anna noticed the outcome of the racism against First nations vary more negative in certain provinces?  The lady used poetry as a coping mechanism in the presentation. I would like to know more if she has ever coped with her pain in any other ways than a poems?


7th Class

8th Class

9th Class

Two young teachers came to the class to teach us about using technology in a good way, However with the one teacher making two accounts to do it isn’t she just going backwards in what she is advocating for. She wants people to be open to new ideas. Why advocate for it but not be a part of it in your normal life but expect others too? I had students with me in the classroom who had special needs, as a student who lost focus easily it what very easy for me to get distracted or irritated with someone who shouted constantly. In this class we were told they are not a distraction how can this be? The ELNG instructor taught us about how we make rules for language in this society and how Canada isn’t so multicultural when it comes down to you having to do everything in English here. Do you think having English as the main way of communicating is negative or positive and why?


10th Class

11th Class

12th Class

Having the firefly in the schools is a great idea how are parents around it and how will a situation dealt with if there is a complaint. Technology being a world educational benefit can be scary, Do you think with internet and media it connects people or it disconnects people and why? Exams and tests were the main form of evaluating when I grew up. Is evaluation the problem or is the style of learning the real problem when it comes to comprehending a unit?