I Believe

That everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect.

That a school classroom should always feel welcoming.

That every teacher and student staff should be willing to help any student learn.

That anyone should be able to have an education.

That every child should have a lunch available for them.

That a classroom should have fair rules and boundaries.

That our world is separated by gender, sexuality, race, religion, and wealth but I will not let it impact me while I am teaching.

That laughing is the best calorie burner.

That if you stay positive and work hard good things will come.

That everyone has the right to their own opinion.

That the world is changing and we need to keep up with it in the best way possible.

 That sometimes we need to look back and keep our information and learning up to date.

That history is important so we do not relive the negatives of the past.

That everyone should be able to live a happy life.

That the classroom atmosphere should feel fair and fun.

That being late is an interference to other students learning and their should be a fair way to deal with it.

That there is a reason for what we learn in schools.

That any kind of information could be useful.

That there is no boundaries on how much you can earn.

You can always unlearn negative information.

That You can believe what ever you want to believe!